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About Us

A celebratory PowerICE with our medical team in honor of completing a 50 mile bike race!

We are your neighbors, friends, and family. We are the EMTs and paramedics that you have known and trusted for years. We are bikers, skiers, runners, snowboarders, climbers, and outdoors men/women just like you. We are experienced emergency medical professionals and event competitors who have seen, first hand, how an understaffed, unorganized or partially equipped event medical team, standby or aid tent can have deadly consequences.  Every detail of the personalized, licensed, insured, and comprehensive event medical services we provide are dedicated to delivering quality, compassionate event medical care that will ensure everyone can “…do it again tomorrow.”

Company President and Paramedic Ebin Latrimurti is a US Navy Veteran with over 15 years of Emergency Response experience. Ebin is dedicated to ensuring your event is served with a highly qualified team of Event Medical Professionals.

Verified Expertise

Every one of the licensed healthcare professionals staffed at your event undergoes an intensive screening process. You can take comfort in knowing that we verify all certifications and licensing before every event. We also selectively assign specific staff members to each event based on their individual experience and knowledge of the risks and hazards associated with your unique event. This ensures that we are able to efficiently predict injuries, high-risk geographies and work with potentially complicated or expensive protective gear and garments.

We are emergency medical technicians  (EMTs) and Paramedics with a passion for serving our communities through the delivery of compassionate and quality event medical services. We employ Event Medical healthcare providers right from your local community. Expect to see familiar faces at your event who know your venue or trails.

Curious about the services we provide? Here is a quick summary: 

  • Emergency Medical Technicians: EMT’s are the backbone of pre-hospital care and provide important treatments such as Oxygen and wound care.
  • Paramedics provide advanced life support (ALS) in the most extreme conditions and use special tools and medications to manage airways, treat pain and correct heart disturbances.
  • Additional Medical Staffing Services: We also offer event medical staffing in the form of Athletic Trainers, Registered Nurses, Physicians and Incident Command.
  • Full Service Emergency Management and Planning: Looking for a total full-service solution? We have the experience you need to handle your entire events medical and emergency operational control. Call us today and learn how EMS Unlimited can manage every aspect of your events medical and safety plan. 


Our Services Why EMS Contact Us


Event Medical Solutions Unlimited was formed after years of serving events and recognizing a common challenge planners and organizers faced.

Event planners and organizers have so many objectives and tasks, even for a small venue. The amount of time planners spend finding qualified volunteer first responders and medical equipment for them to use takes a tremendous toll and distracts from many other more important tasks. Even after finding the time to schedule volunteers and some resemblance of medical supplies, planners and organizers lose countless hours of sleep worrying if they have taken all the necessary steps just in case someone does sustain an injury or illness. With so many other last-minute details to finalize, losing sleep over the “what if’s” of medical emergencies will never happen when Event Medical Solutions Unlimited is serving your event.

As volunteers we worried about legal protection for ourselves. Every volunteer assumes good Samaritan laws will protect them but many are wary of risking their professional licenses and livelihoods on that assumption. Concerns linger over the fear of sustaining personal injury while volunteering because many events do not provide full disclosure relating to their insurance and the ability to compensate for lost wages or medical bills if  a volunteer is injured. Event Medical Solutions Unlimited employs or contracts with licensed professionals who are provided full liability insurance and verifies not just that they are licensed but also competent.

Event planners are skilled and specialized coordinators of permits, awards, sponsors and many other challenging aspects of every event. Event Medical Solutions is a full-service specialized team that is here to supplement event planners and take the burden of providing emergency medical care off of your to-do list.

We take care of everything from pre-event on-site surveys, EMT and paramedic staffing, event emergency response coordination and communications, transport coordination, and infectious waste disposal. We are the economical alternative to spending hours recruiting and coordinating volunteers and medical equipment.  We take care of everything needed for ensuring everyone is safe and has immediately available advanced medical care provided by insured, licensed, and organized professionals.


Don’t take a chance with your participants, someones family.  Read WHY EMS UNLIMITED to see what makes us invaluable. Please take just a few moments to read about all the SERVICES we offer then CONTACT US to get your free quote and learn how Event Medical Solutions Unlimited will make sure everyone can “…do it again tomorrow.”


At Event Medical Solutions Unlimited we are proud to have a great partnership with Lone Star Security. Working events with this great security team makes our job of providing event medical services much easier and safer

At Event Medical Solutions Unlimited we are proud to have a great partnership with Lone Star Security. Working events with this great security team makes our job of providing event medical services much easier and safer



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