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We are your neighbors, friends, and family. We are the professionals that you have known and trusted for years. We are bikers, skiers, runners, snowboarders, climbers, and outdoors men/women just like you. We are experienced emergency medical professionals and event competitors who have seen, first hand, how an understaffed, unorganized or partially equipped event medical team, standby or aid tent can have deadly consequences.  Every detail of the personalized, licensed, insured, and comprehensive event medical services we provide are dedicated to delivering quality, compassionate event medical care that will ensure everyone can "...do it again tomorrow."

Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, a Veteran Owned Company, was formed after recognizing the common challenges planners and organizers faced.

Event planners and organizers have so many objectives and tasks, even for a small venue. The amount of time planners spend finding qualified volunteer first responders and medical equipment for them to use takes a tremendous toll and distracts from many other more important tasks. Even after finding the time to schedule volunteers and some resemblance of medical supplies, producers lose countless hours of sleep worrying if they have taken all the necessary steps just in case someone does sustain an injury or illness. With so many other last-minute details to finalize, losing sleep over the "what if's" of medical emergencies will never happen when Event Medical Solutions Unlimited is serving your event.

Event planners are skilled and specialized coordinators of permits, awards, sponsors, security and many other challenging aspects of every event. Event Medical Solutions Unlimited is a full-service specialized team that is here to supplement event planners and take the burden of providing emergency medical care off of your to-do list.


Don't take a chance with your participants, someones family.   CONTACT US to get your free quote and learn how Event Medical Solutions Unlimited will make sure everyone can "...do it again tomorrow."

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