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Back Country Support

There's no denying the spectacular beauty to be found in remote locations of our country. We recognize that your special trail or back country event or production wants to take advantage of these beautiful landscapes. Don't head out alone. EMS Unlimited provides experienced and certified wilderness medical providers who will know exactly how to treat and handle any back country situation.

Communications Network

No matter the size, location or type of event you are producing, communications will always be a hurdle to overcome if you want to put on a smooth and safe event. EMS Unlimited can provide an array of resources to tie everyone together. Options can include Satellite phones, hand-held radio's and GPS units. A well planned communications network can increase efficiency and safety of your entire operation.

Emergency Management

When your event has a lot of moving pieces let our certified Emergency Managers handle all the stress of Incident Management using a framework of nationally recognized NIMS platforms. The Emergency Manager (EM) will supervise and coordinate all aspects of your response plan, patient transport, communications, data collection and communications.

Full Service Solutions

From start to finish EMS Unlimited will fully integrate into your operation as a comprehensive solution to managing "Medical" . Beginning with permits and plans to coordinating with local response partners in SAR, Ambulances, Fire Departments, Medevac and Hospitals then execution and concluding with clean-up, debrief and data dissemination. Full Event Support allows you to focus on so many other important tasks while knowing that our team is addressing every component of your safety and health.

Medical Staffing

Event Medical Solutions Unlimited will staff your event with an appropriate team, designed exactly for your needs, of licensed EMTs, Trainers, Paramedics, RNs, MDs and/or Incident Commanders. Teams are build based on their special skills, your budget and a risk analysis of the event. All staff arrive on time, with the proper equipment and in a professional uniform.

Medical Tent

So much more than a pop-up! An EMS Unlimited Medical Tent not only provides shade but it also comes with cots, chair, water, ice, an AED, Oxygen, loads of additional medical supplies and sunscreen! Your participants and guests will value the centralized and easily identifiable landmark for medical care. For those guests who need to sit, lay down or recover the Medical Tent is a perfect way to show you are invested in producing a first class event.

Planning & Consulting

Whether your producing a new or well established event EMS Unlimited will help you every step of the way. We assist many customers with Permitting, Emergency Response Plans, Communications Plans, Staffing arrangements and much more! You put a lot of work in to planning your special event, let EMS Unlimited save you time, stress and money.

Support And Gear (SAG)

If you are a Race Director you know what SAG means and how important it is. Hiring EMS Unlimited to do your SAG support means you not only have a reliable and experienced crew doing standard SAG duties but now you add a healthcare professional to treat and serve your participants. We are more like SAGAM (Support and Gear and Medical). All SAG vehicles provide water and an AED. Vehicles can also be equipped to carry bikes and to help transport your DNFs.


Only an Event Producer can really understand how much work and time goes into recruiting, scheduling and coordinating volunteers. Don't send them out half prepared. Maximize your volunteers potential by providing them with training from EMS Unlimited. We will cover all the things you know they are going to ask you in addition to basic first aid: "what do we do if someone get's hurt?" or "Who do I call if ...?"

Vehicle Support

Our experience at EMS Unlimited has shown that every event and venue is unique. Part of our ability to provide you with a full-service solution is the service of support vehicles. Whether it's a side-by-side OHV, a Snowmobile, a 4x4 truck/SUV or long distance support wagon we can be sure that your need is met.

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