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What To Expect

event standby

  • On-site survey of high-risk geography/topography
  • Assign appropriate staff, medical equipment and devices specific to your event
  • Write customized emergency response guidebook specific to your event
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  • Brief staff on procedures specific to your event
  • Establish communications
  • Pre-position staff, equipment, vehicles/special assets
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  • Observe for and respond to hazards and emergencies
  • Provide appropriate and quality medical care and coordinate transport
  • Extricate from off-highway and remote locations
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  • Search event grounds/course for remaining or injured participants
  • Remove biohazard waste and clean EMS work areas
  • Document all medical care provided and provide organizers a summary of work performed
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Event Medical Solutions specializes in providing emergency medical services to races, competitions, festivals, concerts, parties, parades, private and public events of all kinds. We are a team of medical service and safety experts licensed and insured to deliver a variety of medical treatments. Our medical services are overseen by a board certified medical director and all of our care is documented and safe guarded according to federal privacy laws. We are based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and focus our services and expertise on the unique needs of destination locations such as other ski towns including Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge and many many others.