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During the Event

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Our staff is focused and dedicated to serving your event. Their expert eyes for safety are constantly scanning for hazards and specialized medical expertise ready at a moments notice. Take solace in knowing that each member of our team is properly equipped, trained, licensed and insured to provide your event with premier event medical services.


Watch them closely and you’ll see their eyes constantly surveying the landscape for hazards, injuries, and unsafe situations


Medical experts can be staffed at your event may be acting as stand alone providers positioned at strategic locations. They may be assigned a specific region to act as a roaming asset using bicycles, OHVs, or by foot.  Lastly, EMTs or paramedics may be assigned to aid tents. Aid tents are staffed according to your needs and can act, in many aspects, as a portable emergency room. The location and responsibility of each team member at your event is part of the full-service response guidebook we prepared for your event in advance.


When an emergency occurs we react at a moments notice and provide quality care and stabilization. Following the pre-determined response plan for your event we coordinate extrication and emergency room transport as needed. Having our advanced medical services available to your event can greatly increase chances of survival.  Why would you gamble with the lives of your guests and participants…someone’s friend, brother or mother?


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