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EMT Standby

At the end of a beautiful day you and your guests want to sit back and relax, not worry about course sweeps, biohazard waste, documenting injuries or restocking medical equipment. That’s why we are here.


Part of our job will include cleaning wounds and other tasks that will generate dressings and bandages that are contaminated with potentially infectious body fluids. Don’t worry, we take care of that too. All dressings and other wound or medical waste is disposed properly so you don’t have to think twice about it.


Then there’s the matter of documenting the care and treatments we provided. Following federal privacy laws we complete a comprehensive patient care report for everyone that is injured or sick. This reduces your liability while also allowing our clinical oversight team to supervise the quality of services. Our quality assurance and clinical oversight guarantees your event will be served and staffed by only the most capable professionals available.

Specialized Staff

Did we mention that our staff is hand-picked specifically for your event? We are unique because specialized capabilities of each staff member are paired to the specific hazards and content of your event: skiers serving skiers, bikers serving bikers, climbers serving climbers, etc…


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