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Let Event Medical Solutions Unlimited Keep Your Event Running While You Focus on What’s Important

Event Medical Services of Steamboat Springs, ColoradoBeing an event promoter is already challenging enough. When you are feeling stretched in a hundred different directions, let Event Medical Solutions Unlimited take care of the specialized medical care for your participants. EMS Unlimited takes all the worry of medical staffing and planning out of your hands so you and your participants can “…do it again tomorrow.”

On site event medical

EMS Unlimited knows that you face unique and demanding challenges day-in and day-out with event organization and planning. We are here to turn those daily challenges into peace of mind with personal and customized solutions to make sure that when your big day arrives, you feel confident and prepared for anything that can happen.

Our services range from on-site surveys, pre-event planning, aid tents, event medical staffing, remote area extrication, hospital communications, transport coordination and infectious waste disposal. No event is too small, too big, too remote or too extreme. Our experiences in many facets of emergency medical services and event medical services culminate to bring you the comprehensive and total, hassle free event medical solutions that are designed to:

  • Reduce organizer workloads and allow them to focus on more critical issues in the planning process during the event and at clean-up/debrief.
  • Minimize costs by assessing your individual event and providing a comprehensive risk analysis that will provide you exactly what you need. Not too much and not too little.
  • Promote safety and health by staffing only the highest qualified, experienced and specialized staff. Our event paramedics and event EMTs are guaranteed to be licensed and insured.
  • Provide peace of mind to organizers, event staff, guests, participants, spectators, and everyone else in the vicinity. Event Medical Solutions Unlimited selectively hires only the best and most appropriate staff for your event while also equipping your event with all the appropriate medical equipment and extrication vehicles.

Give us a call today 970-658-0367 to see how we can reduce your workload and stress, save money, and enhance safety and promote increased registration.

See you out there!

Ebin Latrimurti, owner
Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, LLC (EMS Unlimited)



Your staff, guests, participants, spectators and bystanders rely on you to look out for their well-being and provide them with a certain degree of safety. We deliver on that expectation and handle all your emergency response needs which will enhance safety and even reduce your workload and save you money.


Medical supplies used at your event are included in the hourly price, no hidden costs or fees are passed onto event participants or organizers. We are an experienced and full-service team. Don’t spend time thinking about biohazard disposal, EMS Planning and coordination or outfitting staff with proper supplies we’ll handle it all.