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Make your Next Event Complete with EMS Unlimited

Make your Next Event Complete with EMS Unlimited

We know that in a matter or weeks or months, your event will be here and you will be running every direction preparing for the big day. Event Medical Solutions is the complete solution you need to make your next event safesuccessful and fun for everyone involved AND save you money!

Why stress over putting together a complex event medical plan and still wonder if it has covered all of your bases, or if it is costing you too much? 

Event Medical Solutions is your one-stop shop for on-site surveying, medical staffing, clinical equipment, aid tents, medical communications, transport coordination and clean-up.

We will give you a realistic quote up front with no hidden fees or costs. All medical equipment and supplies used during an event are included in the initial quote.

EMS Unlimited has a unique and valuable ability to provide specialized event medical services to races, competitions and events of all kinds at an affordable price. We specialize in events such as mountain bike racing, skiing and running, because when we’re not serving your event, we’re participants ourselves!

All of us at Event Medical Solutions Unlimited only want to see you succeed and   “…do it again tomorrow”.  Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US today. If you are still not convinced, take a peek at MEDICAL SPECIALTIES and read about the amazing medical feats our team is prepared and ready to provide you with.


Event Medical Solutions Unlimited helped ensure the safety and success of the inaugural Grand Junction Off-Road. Ebin was prompt and effective to work with in the planning and preparation in the run up to the event, and was an essential member of the team during the event. EMS Unlimited provided excellent planning assistance, effective communications throughout the event, and essential first aid and triage support for our riders.
         Dave Grossman, Event Director
                                                  Grand Junction Off-Road presented by U.S. Bank


EMS Referral Program

Refer EMS Unlimited to a fellow race promoter or event planner and receive 5% off your next event! The EMS Unlimited Referral Program is designed to help promoters like yourself have the best value and best service available. Just tell them to mention your name upon their free quote and risk assessment and the discount will be automatically applied!