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Medical Specialties

Event Medical Solutions Unlimited Medical Stand by to events with Advanced Life SupportEvent Medical Solutions Unlimited is proud to provide your event with only the best and most capable emergency medical personnel armed with a full complement of medical equipment. Our hand-picked paramedics and EMTs are strategically placed at pre-determined locations, assigned to rove specific area’s and/or staffed within aid tents. Aid tents can also act as centralized command and control for emergency response coordination.

Event EMTs and paramedics are not just insured and licensed, they are equipped with a full complement of medical supplies such as oxygen, medications and immobilization gear. When needed, EMS Unlimited provides and operates off-highway response vehicles that deliver medical care to the most remote corners of your event. In the end though, it all comes down to the experience, dedication and compassion of the event paramedic the event EMT and our clinical management and oversight.

EMT – Emergency Medical Technician

EMTs are the back-bone of any medical service. Our event EMTs are guaranteed to be insured, state licensed provide compassionate medical care. The EMT plays a critical role in our delivery of event medical services and is capable of providing many time-critical and life saving interventions such as bleeding control, oxygen delivery, spinal immobilization, airway management and heart defibrillation. As like our event paramedics, the EMTs are also required to be familiar with the intricacies of your specific event, skiers covering ski events, and so on.

EMT Skills

Paramedic – Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Many people intermingle the names EMT and paramedic. While the foundation of all things in pre-hospital care is the EMT and every paramedic once was an EMT it is important to make note of some key differences. After all, the road to achieving a paramedic license requires tremendous sacrifice and dedication, especially to join the specialized team at Event Medical Solutions. Our paramedics are, in many ways, mobile emergency departments capable of delivering advanced healthcare to the most extreme and remote locations, under the most stressful and chaotic circumstances. Event Medical Solutions paramedics provide the IV that hydrates on a hot day, the breathing tube that delivers oxygen directly to the lungs and medications that restart a heart that had not yet adjusted to the altitude.

Paramedic Skills

Medical Equipment

Many events struggle to find volunteers and almost all of them spend an unnecessary amount of time outfitting the medical staff. Event EMTs and paramedics working for Event Medical Solutions Unlimited are equipped with all the required medical equipment needed to provide only the best possible medical care. We treat everyone as if they were our own family and part of that means we only use the most capable medical equipment. Our medical bags are stocked with all things we’ll need to treat basic wounds all the way through advanced heart medications, breathing tubes and EKGs.




Event Medical Solutions Unlimited specializes in providing full service, turn-key solutions for providing emergency medical care and emergency medical response to your special event. We set ourselves apart from any other medical service or event medical standby medical provider because our staff is experienced, not only in emergency medicine, but also in the event itself, bikers serving biker, snowboarders serving snowboarders and so on.


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