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Steamboat Springs Town Challenge Mountain Bike Series: A cherished Colorado event

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New partnership brings increased safety and medical services to long-standing local event.

 Steamboat Springs Town Challenge Mountain Bike Series partners with Event Medical Solutions Unlimited to provide on-course event medical care.


Steamboat Springs, CO (May 30th, 2012) The Steamboat Springs Town Challenge MTB Series and Event Medical Solutions Unlimited (EMS Unlimited) have taken steps to provide on-course professional medical standby for all event participants, staff, volunteers and spectators for each of the series races.

Beginning on May 30th and continuing through the series, bike mounted EMT’s and Paramedics will be strategically positioned on the course ready to respond at a moment’s notice.  This new service will provide the series with insured and licensed healthcare professionals who will deliver immediate treatment and stabilization while also coordinating ambulance transport when needed.

      Medical personnel will be equipped with basic and advanced medical supplies for treating simple abrasions to more serious medical conditions. “We are proud to be a part of such great local tradition and look forward to serving our fellow racers.” said EMS Unlimited Paramedic Ebin Latrimurti. The presence of local EMT’s and Paramedics at the series is aimed at providing peace of mind and to ensure everyone in attendance adheres to the EMS Unlimited motto, “…do it again tomorrow.”

The Steamboat Springs Town Challenge MTB Series is great event for the entire family and takes place throughout local venues. Visit http://www.townchallenge.com/ to register for the next race. For additional information about EMS Unlimited visit www.ems-unlimited.com.


About EMS Unlimited:

Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, LLC (EMS Unlimited) provides full-service event medical services. EMS Unlimited offers organizers a quick, easy and affordable way to provide events with licensed and insured event medical services. Services range from pre-event consultations to Advanced Life Support (ALS) staffing and off-road response/extrication/rescue. Remote access medical care and other event medical services provided by EMS Unlimited are offered to public and private, competitive and non-competitive events throughout Colorado. Event organizers choose EMS Unlimited because it reduces their workload and stress by enhancing event safety and mitigating risk. Everyone enjoys the peace of mind that comes from having professional and fully equipped medical services ready at a moment’s notice. For more information about EMS-Unlimited visit www.ems-unlimited.com, email info@ems-unlimited.com or call 970-658-0367