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Summer is just around the corner… it’s not too late to call EMS Unlimited

Summer is just around the corner…
it’s not too late to call EMS Unlimited

Summer is just around the corner, and so are your events! It’s not too late to call Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, to make sure your events will be “uneventful” when it comes to handling medical emergencies and injuries on the spot. 

We offer event solution packages including on-site safety surveys, pre-event ground and air ambulance coordination, aid tents, off-road & remote area extrication, basic life support (EMT) or advanced life support (paramedic) staffing.

Every event has the potential for injury or illness and usually it is a matter of when, not if. That is exactly why each of our staff is guaranteed to be licensed, insured, and sponsored by a licensed physician.


EMS Unlimited knows that you face unique and demanding challenges that require personal and customized solutions. Our services range from on-site surveys, pre-event planning, aid tents, event medical staffing, remote area extrication, hospital communications, transport coordination and infectious waste disposal. No event is too small, too big, too remote or too extreme. Our experiences in many facets of emergency medical services and event medical services culminate to bring you the comprehensive and total, hassle free event medical solutions that are designed to:

  • Reduce organizer workloads and allow them to focus on more critical issues in the planning process during the event and at clean-up/debrief.
  • Minimize costs by assessing your individual event and providing a comprehensive risk analysis that will provide you exactly what you need. Not too much and not too little.
  • Promote safety and health by staffing only the highest qualified, experienced and specialized staff. Our event paramedics and event EMTs are guaranteed to be licensed and insured.
  • Provide peace of mind to organizers, event staff, guests, participants, spectators, and everyone else in the vicinity. Event Medical Solutions Unlimited selectively hires only the best and most appropriate staff for your event while also equipping your event with all the appropriate medical equipment and extrication vehicles.

Want more information? CONTACT US and schedule your free quote, ask questions or just say hi. Interested in reading more? Visit us on www.ems-unlimited.com to read about the multitude of layers that are built into every customized solution package.

EMS Referral Program

Refer EMS Unlimited to a fellow race promoter or event planner and receive 5% off your next event! The EMS Unlimited Referral Program is designed to help promoters like yourself have the best value and best service available. Just tell them to mention your name upon their free quote and risk assessment and the discount will be automatically applied!

PowerICE™ and EMS Unlimited Form Partnership Providing Hydration with Medical Services

PowerICE and EMS Unlimited are joining forces at athletic events across the United States to provide PowerICE frozen hydration bars to participants who need first aid.

PowerICE has built its reputation on enhancing athlete performance by cooling the core body temperature before, during and after a workout and by rehydrating the body and replenishing lost electrolytes. Event Medical Solutions Unlimited (EMS Unlimited), an on-sight medical services company, believes the same cooling and hydrating principle applies to basic first aid and can help patients  suffering from exhaustion due to heat or overexertion during a race.

“At EMS Unlimited, we are always seeking ways to provide our customers with the best possible value and service,” said Ebin Latrimurti, President of EMS Unlimited. “PowerIce is a great tool to have at our running, biking and other endurance events. It allows us to help patients cool their core temperature, rehydrate and ultimately recover faster, which helps everyone stick to our motto — “…Do it again tomorrow.”

EMS Unlimited recently had an opportunity to speak about the importance of having EMS services at special events on theActive Endurance Event Director’s Blog in a three-part article.

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