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teamEMS offers more on-course safety and builds professional relationships

Emergency Medical Service professionals take their game to a new level

teamEMS offers friendly competition among peers and helps improve event safety

teamEMS riders in the Tour de Steamboat 2012

Steamboat Springs, Colo (August 10, 2012): Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, LLC (EMS Unlimited) is proud to formally introduce teamEMS. The newly formed team sponsored by EMS Unlimited is designed to achieve one goal; Support the physical well-being of Emergency Medical Services healthcare providers through encouraging a healthy lifestyle and friendly competition among peers. Of course the EMS team brings other advantages to the events they compete in and to the members themselves.

 TeamEMS got its name because it’s a team, just like the team of everyone who provides emergency healthcare. When you call 911 there is a chain of events that are set in motion and carried out by highly trained professionals. From the 911 dispatcher to the First Responders and Fire Departments to Ambulance Services, Air Ambulance providers and Emergency Room staff, everyone plays a part. This is why teamEMS is reserved solely for the dedicated professionals of everyone in the emergency medical field. Mountain bikers, runners and cyclists who are also Ski Patrol, Search and Rescue, 911 Dispatchers, Fireman, EMT’s, Paramedics and ER staff are all welcome members to teamEMS.

 In addition to supporting the physical health and well-being of our EMS competitors teamEMS brings benefits to the events themselves. Extra eyes, ears and medical expertise of the team competitor’s results in added safety and peace of mind that comes from knowing professional on-course experts will stop and render aid. Members of the team are proud to represent their profession and interact with the community on a new and positive level. Team cyclist and EMT Tj Brady said “Riding with teamEMS was a blast and it was great to do a 110 mile ride with my co-worker who helped motivate me on the steep climbs.”

Team members TJ Brady (Fireman/EMT), Brian McGovern (Fireman/EMT), Kyle Lawton (EMT) and Liz Baldwin (RN) have participated in several events thus far and fared quite well. This weekend we are cheering on Paramedic Tim Baldwin, RN/EMT Liz Baldwin, EMT Brian McGovern and RN Laurie Voit-Perry as they take on the Steamboat Stinger 50 mile mountain bike race and trail marathon.


To learn more about teamEMS visit EMS Unlimited at www.ems-unlimited.com or email the team manager at teamems@ems-unlimited.com.


About EMS Unlimited:

Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, LLC (EMS Unlimited) provides full-service event medical solutions offering organizers a quick, easy and affordable way to provide events with licensed and insured event medical services. Services range from pre-event consultations to Advanced Life Support (ALS) staffing and off-road response/extrication/rescue. Remote access medical care and other event medical services provided by EMS Unlimited are offered to public and private, competitive and non-competitive events throughout Colorado. EMS’s specially trained event paramedics and EMT’s are unique because they’re athletes themselves and understand the physical and mental challenges, the equipment, terrain and geography. Event organizers choose EMS Unlimited because it reduces their workload and stress by enhancing event safety and mitigating risk. For more information about EMS-Unlimited visit www.ems-unlimited.com, email info@ems-unlimited.com or call 970-658-0367.