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Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, LLC (EMS Unlimited) is proud to manage teamEMS. The team is designed to achieve one goal; Support the physical and emotional well-being of professionals in the emergency response industry by promoting a healthy work-life balance. We aim to help get as many of our peers outside as possible. 

teamEMS is reserved solely for dedicated professionals in the emergency medical field who are also Mountain bikers, runners and cyclists. These athletes come from Ski Patrol, Search and Rescue, 911 Dispatchers, Fireman, EMT’s, Paramedics and ER staff. EMS Unlimited provides our team athletes with access to free race entries and discounted gear so they can “…do it again tomorrow.”



teamEMS Mission & Vision:

Mission Statement:
Provide emergency responders with an affordable and accessible outlet to enhance personal health and wellness while supporting outdoor recreation through stewardship, team-building and progression.

Vision Statement:
TeamEMS aims to enhance job satisfaction and overall work/life balance by making outdoor recreation and healthy competition at sporting events easy to attend, equipment simple and affordable to obtain and promote a sense of Camaraderie.


teamEMS mountain bike

EMS Unlimited teamEMS trail running Firefighter Paramedic.

In addition to supporting the physical health and well-being of our EMS competitors teamEMS offers added benefits to the events themselves. Added eyes, ears and technical expertise of the team competitors results in added safety and comfort that comes from knowing professional on-course experts will stop and render appropriate aid.

Event Medical Solutions Clinical Coordinator, RN and teamEMS rider drops a rock in Santa Fe.

Event Medical Solutions Clinical Coordinator, RN and teamEMS rider drops a rock in Santa Fe.


TeamEMS is grateful for our amazing sponsors! Support your local running and biking shops and support the gear/products that support us!

EMS professionals interested in becoming part of teamEMS should email with a brief description of your competitive expertise and your role in the EMS field.


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Meet the Athletes!

Trail Runner

The mountains were calling…and she went. While she pretends to avoid cliches this one is true! Heidi is a farm girl from the Midwest living a nomadic mountain girl life. When she isn’t working in a myriad of seasonal EMS jobs she’s out on the trails with her running shoes, snowboard or tent…chasing down her version of adventure + life one day at a time. After a few years of living the big city life in Denver she followed her heart + her feet up into the mountains. The past few years have been spent working multiple jobs during the winter season + traveling around the world during the summer season. You’ll often find her training for ultra trail races either on the trails or attempting to cross train while mountain biking, rock climbing or donut eating. All in all, she loves her time outside + gets a great deal of pleasure encouraging others to get outside with her!

Mountain Bike

Brooke is an RN who started out as a cardiac nurse and now works in the emergency room. The hustle and bustle of a critical patient is a fun challenge and spurs on her quest for additional knowledge and training. On this journey she serendipitously met Ebin with EMS unlimited who helped her realize her dream of combining her two passions: health care & love of the outdoors/travel.

Breaking the purlieu of hospital life, you might find her hiking, camping and fishing with her family, friends and Hunter Dog.  Love of the mountains and working with EMS unlimited has revealed a new passion for mountain biking and she hopes to see you on the trail!



Without our amazing sponsors and supporters there would not be a teamEMS. 

Check ’em out, these are the Brands we trust!