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Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, LLC (EMS Unlimited) is proud to manage teamEMS (#teamEMS). The team is designed to achieve one goal; Support the physical and emotional well-being of professionals in the emergency response industry by promoting a healthy work-life balance. We aim to help get as many of our peers outside as possible. 

teamEMS is reserved solely for dedicated professionals in the emergency medical field who are also Mountain bikers, runners and cyclists. These athletes come from Ski Patrol, Search and Rescue, 911 Dispatchers, Fireman, EMT’s, Paramedics and ER staff. EMS Unlimited provides our team athletes with access to free race entries and discounted gear so they can “…do it again tomorrow.”


teamEMS Mission & Vision:

Mission Statement:
Provide emergency responders with an affordable and accessible outlet to enhance personal health and wellness while supporting outdoor recreation through stewardship, team-building and progression.

Vision Statement:
teamEMS aims to enhance job satisfaction and overall work/life balance by making outdoor recreation and healthy competition at sporting events easy to attend, equipment simple and affordable to obtain and promote a sense of Camaraderie.


TeamEMS is grateful for our amazing sponsors! Support your local running and biking shops and support the gear/products that support us!

EMS professionals interested in becoming part of teamEMS should email with a brief description of your competitive expertise and your role in the EMS field.






Meet the Athletes!

Team Captain RN

Bobby is an RN with nearly twenty years of healthcare experience. His various roles include combat medic, hospital corpsman, phlebotomist, and now RN. Originally from the Midwest, he discovered mountain bikes at age 30 & decided to uproot his life in search of trails, by way of travel nursing. He worked in every ICU environment in the hospital & rapid response before moving to Durango to work for Flight For Life Colorado in 2014. He now resides in the Emergency Dept. at Mercy. He really enjoys his mountain bikes & his music equipment, when he’s not buried in books for grad school. Bobby works with EMS-Unlimited in a variety of roles, including Team Manager & Clinical Coordinator.

As a child, bicycles were his escape from… well… life. He bailed on his bike at 17 & didn’t realize the gaping hole it left behind. Upon his rediscovery, he vowed never again pass a chance to ride his bike. The bike keeps him young and gives him something to train for. He went from total Gumby to Cat-1 racer in just three years, and hopes to continue rippin’ up trails for many, many years to come. He’s a big fan of enduro and DH, because there’s nothing like full-tilt-boogie over completely mental terrain.

EMT - MTB/Runner

Dana is professional ski patroller and Wilderness EMT who got her start in the medical field in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She works for Steamboat Ski Patrol in the winter time and splits her time in the summer working for EMS Unlimited and as an EMT tech at the local hospital. Her love for the mountains and the outdoors started as a kid growing up in the suburbs of Denver. She moved to the mountains straight out of college, chasing snow storms and skiing, and hasn’t looked back. Mountain biking is a new passion that pushes her physically but also challenges her mentally every time. She is really eager to test her limits on a bike racing for teamEMS this summer and to continue to provide high quality medical care to fellow racers and friends!


Jon’s love for mountain biking all started when Santa brought him a $300 Pacifica (from Toy’s R Us). He grew up on the Front Range of Colorado riding the wee network of trails in Ute Valley of Colorado Springs. Jon wanted desperately to be a veterinarian and loves animals. After years of Organic Chemistry he made it out of Colorado State with a small piece of paper known as a diploma. Jon has traveled to Iceland, Spain, Mexico, Canada, and Alaska all to ride his mountain bike. He has worked as a guide on trails, glaciers and rock in Alaska. Jon has worked as a ski patrolman in Arizona, yes Arizona. His love for the outdoors was briefly suspended when he made the move into nursing. After passing the NCLEX on his first try Jon has made many homes for himself working in the Emergency Rooms of Flagstaff, AZ, throughout California and now in Colorado. His love for the outdoors has now grown greater than ever with the advent of expensive, capable mountain bikes.


Edwin discovered mountain biking while following in the footsteps (or tire tracks) of a friend’s older brother at age ten, and it’s been his happy place ever since. He grew up mountain biking the woods of northern NJ where he competed in his first 24-hour race at age fourteen. Despite earning degrees in physics and architecture, he spends his time prioritizing a love for the outdoors. He has worked in a multitude of bike shops across the country with roles ranging from spinning wrenches to sales, purchasing, social media/outreach, and management with a brief foray owning a high-end concierge based bicycle service business. Edwin currently resides in Santa Fe where he has spent the past four years as an EMT-I ski patroller and guide of various outdoor sports including hiking and, you guessed it, mountain biking. He is a not-so- silent partner in an awesome coffee shop and roasting business in Albuquerque, and is currently completing pre-requisite coursework for med school as he continues his career in emergency medicine. In his free time, Edwin can either be found in the mountains skiing, riding, hiking with his dog Moxie, or at a local taproom with friends… if he’s not off travelling the world.

Paramedic - MTB

Laila Foster is an adventure enthusiast who enjoys naps in wild places, indulging in toast and chocolate, and giggling while traveling downhill quickly. She can be found exploring the San Juan Mountains on her bike or on skis. Laila is a Firefighter/ Paramedic for Durango Fire & Rescue, a Technical Rescue Team member, and volunteers for San Juan County SAR. She lives for long, grueling mountain rescues and likes to try hard.

Paramedic - MTB

Eric has roots in EMS that started with his first job as a lifeguard. This was followed by four years of active duty with the US Coast Guard while serving at Motor Lifeboat Station Golden Gate where the search and rescue station responded to hundreds of calls each year, many of them with medical emergencies. After completing his active duty, and starting college in New Mexico, the calling of EMS brought him to the UNM EMS Academy where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in EMS with a focus in Mountain Medicine. He then spent four years working in a fast paced emergency department before moving into a corporate position. A true ski bum at heart, he will tell you his motivation to be a Paramedic in the first place was to become a professional Ski Patroller. He is currently a team member with the Santa Fe Ski Patrol, where he says practicing EMS is as challenging and rewarding as it can get. Eric has held a lifelong passion for adventure in the outdoors. Growing up skiing, biking, swimming, and backpacking has brought him to wonderful places and intersected him with many wonderful people along the way. Working as a bike mechanic through college helped to reignite a love for bicycles. You will likely find him on a bike, commuting every day, riding single track with friends, or out on a century with his wife. He has found the challenges of endurance based sports competition as an outlet for personal growth, and believes endurance mountain bike races to be one of the most fun and rewarding forms of competition.


Like many transplants, Paul has wandered the U.S looking for that special place; found it he has, in mountains of Southern Colorado. An avid outdoors-man he enjoys hiking, backpacking and climbing. He always believed mountain biking was breaking some special purest backpacking rules until the day he jumped on a full suspension trail bike and replaced the slow walk back to the truck with an aggressive shred downhill. Favorite places to ride include Durango, Steamboat, Moab and Park City. While never thinking he would ever get involved in a “race team” Paulʼs dedication to clinical and outdoor medicine makes putting on a TeamEMS jersey a perfect fit. “I think this is the perfect opportunity to grow personally, act professionally and give back to the mountain sports community from which I draw so much personal inspiration”. Professionally, Paul is a Registered Nurse that has held several positions clinically and has found his home in the Emergency Department. Rounding out the last 18 years, he began his medical training in the Army certifying as a Combat Lifesaver. After discharge he became EMT-I certified, took a Wilderness First Responder class and subsequently did the WEMT upgrade working for an urban and rural ambulance service. Wanting more clinical exposure he decided to attend nursing school. When he can attend classes, he is a Advanced Wilderness Life Support Instructor and really enjoys his time sharing medical knowledge with other outdoor minded medical professionals.


Cory’s introduction into EMS started 6 years ago, when he became a EMT-B in Albuquerque, NM. Cory went on to pursue his EMT-I and started working at Presbyterian Healthcare in the ER as a tech. This eventually led to him pursuing his BSN in Albuquerque. Since, Cory has continued to work in various Emergency Departments as an RN and is currently based out of Durango, Co. When Cory is not in scrubs you can find him riding anything with two knobby tires, or drinking coffee. His journey into mountain biking started roughly 7 years ago on the decomposing granite of the Albuquerque foothills. Many falls and broken bike parts later he is now trying to have a go at racing in some “Enduro” events.


My name is Jon Reed and I live in Durango Colorado. Like most Durango-tangs, riding bikes is my thing. Town riding is great and high country riding is even better. I believe in having the right bike for the job and therefore have a garage full of bikes at any given time. It goes without saying then that I also like to work on bikes, talk about them, build them and just look at them almost as much as I like to ride them. Before I became an RN, I had volunteered as a wilderness first responder for several local races and really liked helping the injured riders. Now, as an RN BSN, I’m stoked to bring this love of bikes and desire to help others together as a Team EMS/EMS Unlimited member.

Paramedic - Cyclist

I’m a 30 year old married Firefighter/Paramedic with 3 rescue dogs and a love for helping others. I grew up in South Carolina on the river and being outdoors every chance i had. I began cycling as a way to get away from all things in my head on a given day and it has become a passion for me. I love meeting new people, dogs, beer and bikes

EMT - Runner

Natalie is one of those crazy ultra runners who loves pain and suffering. Her love for running started at a very young age running 5k’s with her Dad in 3rd grade. She now runs up to 100-mile ultra-marathons, is an avid road cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast. There really isn’t a mountain she won’t try to climb or new experience that scares her….well, maybe jumping out of a plane. Besides the physical challenges of running, Natalie lives for the mental obstacles of such epic races. When you are running for 24 hours or longer you come out a different person. It really changes you for the better. Natalie lives in Salida, CO and manages a bakery/deli and also works as an EMT for Event Medical. Nursing school is in the plans but she is taking some time off to train and focus on personal growth. Nat loves working with “EMS Unlimited and crew” because of all the like-minded people racing and pushing themselves to the limit–as well as the best staff ever! This season is going to be exciting with a 100 mile ultra in late July or early August depending on race scheduling with some others thrown in the middle. She is super stoked to be a part of teamEMS and hopes to accomplish some amazing things this season!

RN - Runner

Hello! My name is Janet Hollifield. I am a mother of three kiddos and a registered nurse in a rural emergency department. My kids are my motivation for most things in life. I want to set an example of health and living an active lifestyle. It is my hope to raise them to enjoy outdoor activities that we can do as a family for many years to come. I am a runner and have enjoyed running distances for the past 15 years. I realized my love for it while living on the Pacific Coast in San Clemente California. Since moving to Colorado 10 years ago I have learned to love running trails. I love being a nurse! It is a wonderful profession where I am given the privilege to witness the human experience everyday. I am thankful to participate on TeamEMS! I think this will be a fantastic experience!


Emily applied, got accepted to nursing school, and never went. Instead getting swept up in her love and passion for the outdoors and physical endeavors. She merged her interest in medicine, outdoor pursuits and taking care of people by becoming a WEMT and guide for the last 10 years. She has taken people age 7- 77 all over the country to enjoy the wilderness via backpacking, ice and rock climbing, sea kayaking, mountaineering, etc. Becoming connected with EMS-Unlimited seemed another perfect merge for her medicine minded and racing spirit while giving back to the racing community. She loves mountain biking, running, laughing with friends, backpacking for days on end, eating gluten-free cookies and the freedom of working and playing in the great outdoors. She is excited to reignite her racing spirit with teamEMS which was tabled from too many guiding trips and is now balanced by part-time office hours behind a phone or computer. It oddly enough enables more training and racing potential for this quirky scheduled mountain girl.

Paramedic - MTB

HI!! I grew up right here in Southwest Colorado.  Being surrounded by large mountains on one side and red rock desert on the other I was drawn explore both environments.  The funnest way I found to do this has been on two wheels.  I have never raced bikes but I do have a competitive nature and am looking forward to start competing in this realm. 
As far as medicine goes I have known from a young age that I was called into medicine.  I started my career as a ski patroller at Purgatory.  Shortly after that I joined the local fire department as a firefighter/EMT.  I worked as an EMT for four years in both front country and more austere environments.  Two years ago I went to paramedic school. And have been working as a firefighter/paramedic and a ski patroller since then. 

Team Co-Captain

Ebin Latrimurti is a Paramedic with over 15 years of experience in EMS. After 8 years as a firefighter in the US Navy with tours in Florida and Hawaii he came home to the mountains of Colorado. Calling Steamboat Springs home he is always eager to pack up his bike and explore new trails. It doesn’t matter if he’s taking a stroll on the easy stuff with his young daughters or hucking a big drop, all bike time is good time! His favorite trails include Waterfall in CB, Gunny Loop in GJ, Horsethief Bench in Loma and Red Dirt in Steamboat. Ebin has dabbled in a few races with plans for more Enduro/All-mountain style events in the future.

Ebin has been an:

Event paramedic with Event Medical Solutions Unlimited since 2012

Mountain bike medic since 2013

teamEMS rider since 2014

Paramedic - Runner

Hola!! I am a Colorado native and raised in Southwest Colorado with the dirt between my toes and fresh air in my lungs. I have always felt that nature has the best music and i love to dance. I was very fortunate to have parents that got me out and into the activities that i have grown to love. I am a Paramedic at Durango Fire Protection District and depending on the season you can find me on my four day out on my bike, running with my dog Ola, rafting or paddle boarding in the river or out in the backcountry skiing.
I have lived a very nomadic life where i spent the majority of my 20’s living out of a backpack or out of my car. I have always had a desire to travel the world and learn new languages and cultures. I was able to fulfill those dreams and traveled the world and my eyes have never been opened wider.
After 11 years of the backpack living I found myself back in the town that i grew up in because of the opportunities of adventure and diversity that we have in Durango and surrounding areas. I started volunteering at the local fire department after getting my EMT-B. I am a recent graduate of Paramedic School and am so excited about the future of medicine and the opportunity to combine it with the outdoors when I can. Hope our paths cross out on the trails and we can share a laugh and giggle under the sun.

RN - Runner

Hi, I’m Kristin. I grew up in the San Juan Mountains around Durango, CO playing in the rivers and on the trails. I also played soccer and swam, which landed me a scholarship at the University of Tennessee as a dual sport athlete. A knee injury my senior year sent me into the world of road cycling, where I was signed to a professional contract after my first year racing. After eight years of traveling the globe and racing with the USA national team, I hung up my wheels to pursue my nursing career. I still dabble on my road bike, but my mountain bike, trail running shoes and powder skis are my favorite toys these days!

EMT - Runner

The mountains were calling…and she went. While she pretends to avoid clichés this one is true! Heidi is a farm girl from the Midwest living a nomadic mountain girl life. When she isn’t working in a myriad of seasonal EMS jobs she’s out on the trails with her running shoes, snowboard or tent…chasing down her version of adventure + life one day at a time. After a few years of living the big city life in Denver she followed her heart + her feet up into the mountains. The past few years have been spent working multiple jobs during the winter season + traveling around the world during the summer season. You’ll often find her training for ultra trail races either on the trails or attempting to cross train while mountain biking, rock climbing or donut eating. All in all, she loves her time outside + gets a great deal of pleasure encouraging others to get outside with her!


Elliott Collins is an adrenaline junkie and book worm at the same time. Born and raised in Colorado, he has come to love adventurous sports such as skiing and mountain biking. Since his first mountain bike in 1997 he has been pushing the limits more and more, but now has a desire to combine these sports with healthcare. In the future, you will see Elliott ripping up the trails and working in the hospital. 


Dan Hubbard was late to the adventure scene; his interest was first peaked while attending college in Texas. He started racing mountain and road bikes with the school team and never looked back. A few years, an EMT certification, and a couple of moves brought him to Durango, Colorado. During five years in Durango he finished his undergraduate degree, was a firefighter with Durango Fire and Rescue, an emergency department EMT, and raced bikes for Fort Lewis College. During that time, he also fell in love with technical rescue, trail running, skiing, hockey, snowshoeing, and fly fishing. Dan is currently completing a master’s degree in biomedical science at Colorado State University in pursuit of is goal to be a physician.


Brooke is an RN who started out as a cardiac nurse and now works in the emergency room. The hustle and bustle of a critical patient is a fun challenge and spurs on her quest for additional knowledge and training. On this journey she serendipitously met Ebin with EMS unlimited who helped her realize her dream of combining her two passions: health care & love of the outdoors/travel.

Breaking the purlieu of hospital life, you might find her hiking, camping and fishing with her family, friends and Hunter Dog.  Love of the mountains and working with EMS unlimited has revealed a new passion for mountain biking and she hopes to see you on the trail!


Liz Doby is a full time ski patroller in the winter and an internship and field coordinator for Rocky Mountain Youth Corps in the summers and mud seasons helping build trails all over northwest Colorado. She is passionate about bikes and also enjoys ski mountaineering races in the winter. Her most recent accomplishment was completing the Elk Mountains Grand Traverse, a back country ski race from Crested Butte to Aspen where she and her teammate finished 13 female team. 

Paramedic - MTB

Chelsea resides in Durango, Colorado and works full time for Durango Fire Protection District as a firefighter/paramedic. She’s involved with Search and Rescue and teaches wilderness medical courses with Wilderness Medical Associates and Kling Mountain Guides. She caught the adventure bug at an early age when she started surfing with her Dad in Southern California. Living in Colorado she realized she needed to find a new warm weather passion and mountain biking was the sport that hit the heart strings. Mountain biking really opened doors to challenging herself mentally and physically whether working as a paramedic at a race or participating as a racer. She looks forward to progressing physically and mentally with teamEMS, riding with new and old friends and exploring more amazing trails.


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We offer a full service shop, complete with board and ski services, competitive pricing, knowledgeable professional staff,  and a fun attitude.


We pride ourselves in having a knowledgable friendly staff.  Customer service is our top priority. We prove this every day by going above and beyond for every customer. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of us day or night. Our staff is extremely knowledgable in the industry. Many of our long time employees have worked in the ski industry for upwards of 3o years. If you need help figuring out anything about a product old or new our friendly staff is ready to help!

From ski repair to boot fitting, we have someone to help you every step of the way!

Meet Our Team

Bicycle Outfitters, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Brad Stewart. Our first opening was a small used bike shop which quickly turned into a full scale retail shop with mechanics on site. Our loyal customers and patrons have helped us grow into the great full service shop we are today. We are the longest standing bike shop located in the heart of Grand Junction, Colorado’s downtown area.

Anthony Diaz has been racing on Turner bikes since 2011, and in 2012 Diaz opened Diaz Suspension Design, offering fork and shock rebuilds as well as custom tuning and re-valving. He has worked at a bike shop for 15 years, raced professional downhill for 5, and for the past 2 racing Enduro for Turner.

We love running – that’s why we’re here! But just because we love it, doesn’t mean you have to love it too.  
We want to help you on your running journey, whether you’re just trying running out or have been running forever! 

Our mission at Twisted Trails is Personalize – Passion – Community and we strive to meet these goals at all times.

  • Personalize – Each customer can expect to have a sales experience that’s tailored to them and their individual needs.  Whether that means a gait analysis, discussion of nagging injuries, talking about your upcoming race strategies, we aim to make each experience unique.
  • Passion – Everyone involved with TTRC is passionate about running, just like our customers. We want you to end up loving running too, and our job is to make your running experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Community – one of our major goals is to build a community of runners here. We want to serve as a focal point for group runs and clinics and also support the local running community through sponsorship of events and teams.


My name is Andy Demaline and I am proud to open The Cove Bike Shop for tuning, building and repairing all types of bicycles. My professional career as a bike mechanic started 2002, but I was working on my own bikes well before then. What started as riding BMX as a kid in Ohio, transitioned to mountain biking once I moved to Colorado in 2002. My passion for riding over the years has only grown, and so has my desire to open my own shop to help keep your bikes ride-ready. 

The bike industry is constantly evolving: new components, updated geometry and suspension, and there’s an always growing list of wheel sizes to name a few. Working on a variety of bikes over the last 15 years has brought on many challenges and learning experiences, but that’s what I love about it. Like skiing or photography (a few of my other hobbies), you can pick up the basics fairly quickly, but it really takes a lifetime of learning and doing to stay relevant.

My business is based out of the Summit Cove neighborhood in Dillon, CO, working out of my garage. I offer a number of tune options as well as individual services. I know that off-time is a precious commodity in the mountains, so I also offer pickup and delivery services for Summit County. Some of the simpler adjustments and repairs can even be done at your home or office.

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